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Residents petition city over Ross Road safety upgrades

Residents who say that safety installations on Ross Road are making the canada goose outlet uk sale bicycle boulevard more dangerous are petitioning buy canada goose jacket cheap the city of Palo Alto to remove some of the structures.

„Many residents believe that the changes being made at busy intersections along Ross Road are unsafe and canada goose uk shop unhelpful. In pursuit of traffic calming, the changes have created dangerous interactions between cars and bikes,” the petition states in part.

The petition asks the city to stop the project and to remove a roundabout at East Meadow Drive and Ross, which, the residents said, is an „accident causing design.”

Jaquette said by phone that he has already sent emails to council members and plans to canada goose outlet online meet with one.

„The city spent a great deal of money on a problem that doesn’t exist. It is making life harder canada goose for a thousand people. The road worked quite well canada goose outlet canada before. Now they are forcing little kids into traffic,” he said, noting that bikes are now designated to travel down the center of the road and through narrow traffic calming slots or around curb extensions. He said that his own children now feel unsafe riding their bikes on the road.

The city has used traffic calming measures that were adopted for larger municipalities, canadian goose jacket but they don’t work canada goose outlet on neighborhood streets, he claimed.

The city „overlaid a solution from big cities on a residential community with wide streets to create the city environment,” he said.

Not everyone disapproves of the changes. Christy Moision, a Louis Road resident and Safe Routes to School PTA Coordinator at Fairmeadow Elementary School, said canada goose outlet shop she walks and bikes Ross regularly, as do her children.

„Ross Road before the changes was uk canada goose generally a pretty calm street. I’ve noticed that now the cars are slowing down. The bulb outs really do calm the traffic,” canada goose outlet she said.

She said she and her children are comfortable with riding in the center of the street.

„There’s a misconception that bikes should be riding in the gutter,” she said, noting that swerving around parked vehicles and car doors that swing out is not safe.

She and other Safe Routes to Schools coordinators went out canada goose outlet parka after the roundabout went in, for example, to teach kids who ride to school how to use it. Generally, they have been receptive, she said.

„The problems now are the construction issues. Hopefully people can be patient,” she said, noting that once construction related materials are goose outlet canada removed the roundabout will not be so wide.

Chief Transportation Official Joshuah Mello said the city is making minor modifications to the traffic calming canada goose black friday sale design to accommodate resident concerns and take care of utility conflicts as construction progresses.

„We are aware of the petition signed by a number of residents regarding the changes to Ross Road. The city has received numerous communications about the project both in favor and opposed canada goose coats on sale to the changes now under construction. We have also received numerous comments regarding the adequacy and timing of notifications to the community about the project,” he said in an email.

„The Ross Road canada goose outlet sale project is one piece of a larger effort to improve the city’s Bicycle Network as we look to reduce traffic, improve safety and expand the regular use of bikes for travel around Palo Alto. All of the elements included are ones that have been used and tested in other cities.

„We recognize that the construction has been disruptive and the overall goal of slowing Canada Goose Coats On Sale traffic and providing more visibility for bike riders (is) not canada goose jacket outlet yet fully realized. To that end, we are planning to conduct some concentrated outreach, including a survey, one on one canada goose outlet uk notifications and meetings, as well as updated information and communication on the project website. We hope to hear from residents how they would like to be informed and engaged moving forward.”

The expected completion date for Phase 1, a total 7.1 miles of traffic calmed local streets is this September, depending on weather and other factors, he said.

a resident of St. Claire Gardens

on Mar 1, 2018 at 10:44 am

Shoving bicycles into contention with cars is stupid. Someone in the transportation department has some ideas they think will be great but guess what, they aren’t. Stop wasting our money on this. I was driving on Ross and a mother and young child we’re forced into the canada goose outlet black friday main traffic lane and as we came to the traffic circle they didn’t know where to go. All the time with 3 of us in cars right behind them. There is nothing safer about this design. It is terrible.

Please stop wasting our money.

vmshadle is a registered user.

Those pinch points forcing bikes out of their natural lanes at the edges of the road into the very middle of the lane of travel make this regular bicycle commuter extremely uncomfortable.

We are already at very high risk of injury or death because of our complete exposure canada goose black friday sale to steel encased motorized traffic. Couple this with too small or no workable rearview mirrors, and the discomfort grows exponentially for those of us who actually understand that we cannot look both forward and backward at the same moment.

The nationwide phase out of single use plastic bags on June 20

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Ballack had become a prolific goalscorer from midfield

Part of being prepared is to get to the stadium/field early to capture the teams warming up and crowd arriving and staying late to capture the players walking off the field. When you arrive, scout out a few locations you can shoot from. Ask if you can shoot down on the field to get closer and shoot at ground level.

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We’d prefer gold or silver but we’re heading in the right

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This will rule out the IP address easily

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I mean, you can fault directors for taking these Disney movies

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