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Residents petition city over Ross Road safety upgrades

Residents who say that safety installations on Ross Road are making the canada goose outlet uk sale bicycle boulevard more dangerous are petitioning buy canada goose jacket cheap the city of Palo Alto to remove some of the structures.

„Many residents believe that the changes being made at busy intersections along Ross Road are unsafe and canada goose uk shop unhelpful. In pursuit of traffic calming, the changes have created dangerous interactions between cars and bikes,” the petition states in part.

The petition asks the city to stop the project and to remove a roundabout at East Meadow Drive and Ross, which, the residents said, is an „accident causing design.”

Jaquette said by phone that he has already sent emails to council members and plans to canada goose outlet online meet with one.

„The city spent a great deal of money on a problem that doesn’t exist. It is making life harder canada goose for a thousand people. The road worked quite well canada goose outlet canada before. Now they are forcing little kids into traffic,” he said, noting that bikes are now designated to travel down the center of the road and through narrow traffic calming slots or around curb extensions. He said that his own children now feel unsafe riding their bikes on the road.

The city has used traffic calming measures that were adopted for larger municipalities, canadian goose jacket but they don’t work canada goose outlet on neighborhood streets, he claimed.

The city „overlaid a solution from big cities on a residential community with wide streets to create the city environment,” he said.

Not everyone disapproves of the changes. Christy Moision, a Louis Road resident and Safe Routes to School PTA Coordinator at Fairmeadow Elementary School, said canada goose outlet shop she walks and bikes Ross regularly, as do her children.

„Ross Road before the changes was uk canada goose generally a pretty calm street. I’ve noticed that now the cars are slowing down. The bulb outs really do calm the traffic,” canada goose outlet she said.

She said she and her children are comfortable with riding in the center of the street.

„There’s a misconception that bikes should be riding in the gutter,” she said, noting that swerving around parked vehicles and car doors that swing out is not safe.

She and other Safe Routes to Schools coordinators went out canada goose outlet parka after the roundabout went in, for example, to teach kids who ride to school how to use it. Generally, they have been receptive, she said.

„The problems now are the construction issues. Hopefully people can be patient,” she said, noting that once construction related materials are goose outlet canada removed the roundabout will not be so wide.

Chief Transportation Official Joshuah Mello said the city is making minor modifications to the traffic calming canada goose black friday sale design to accommodate resident concerns and take care of utility conflicts as construction progresses.

„We are aware of the petition signed by a number of residents regarding the changes to Ross Road. The city has received numerous communications about the project both in favor and opposed canada goose coats on sale to the changes now under construction. We have also received numerous comments regarding the adequacy and timing of notifications to the community about the project,” he said in an email.

„The Ross Road canada goose outlet sale project is one piece of a larger effort to improve the city’s Bicycle Network as we look to reduce traffic, improve safety and expand the regular use of bikes for travel around Palo Alto. All of the elements included are ones that have been used and tested in other cities.

„We recognize that the construction has been disruptive and the overall goal of slowing Canada Goose Coats On Sale traffic and providing more visibility for bike riders (is) not canada goose jacket outlet yet fully realized. To that end, we are planning to conduct some concentrated outreach, including a survey, one on one canada goose outlet uk notifications and meetings, as well as updated information and communication on the project website. We hope to hear from residents how they would like to be informed and engaged moving forward.”

The expected completion date for Phase 1, a total 7.1 miles of traffic calmed local streets is this September, depending on weather and other factors, he said.

a resident of St. Claire Gardens

on Mar 1, 2018 at 10:44 am

Shoving bicycles into contention with cars is stupid. Someone in the transportation department has some ideas they think will be great but guess what, they aren’t. Stop wasting our money on this. I was driving on Ross and a mother and young child we’re forced into the canada goose outlet black friday main traffic lane and as we came to the traffic circle they didn’t know where to go. All the time with 3 of us in cars right behind them. There is nothing safer about this design. It is terrible.

Please stop wasting our money.

vmshadle is a registered user.

Those pinch points forcing bikes out of their natural lanes at the edges of the road into the very middle of the lane of travel make this regular bicycle commuter extremely uncomfortable.

We are already at very high risk of injury or death because of our complete exposure canada goose black friday sale to steel encased motorized traffic. Couple this with too small or no workable rearview mirrors, and the discomfort grows exponentially for those of us who actually understand that we cannot look both forward and backward at the same moment.

The nationwide phase out of single use plastic bags on June 20

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Ballack had become a prolific goalscorer from midfield

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This will rule out the IP address easily

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I mean, you can fault directors for taking these Disney movies

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We shaved two days off our trip by skipping the Blue Ridge

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History, after the rampage that killed 32 students at the

will they go up or down

No matter how responsible you are about your sexual choices, screening tests aren’t perfect and neither are barrier methods. When you’re conscientious about your sexual choices, and avoid the trap of willful ignorance, you also have to admit to yourself that being sexually active can have consequences. In many ways, sexual decision making is all about determining your level of acceptable risk in any given situation.

I see everyone’s pretty much got this guy convicted already, but the only thing I see in the article as evidence of wrongdoing is the kid said so. I read about both cases and share your viewpoint. Actually I’ve always felt that in crimes involving sexual mis conduct that the identities of BOTH the accused and the victim should be protected until the accused is convicted.

wolf dildo It should be said, while I personally don’t think any of this should have much to do with what sexual partners think wolf dildos wolf dildos, that people have a wide array of personal preferences or what they like most if they’re thinking about pubic hair in the abstract. Some love a lack of hair or less hair, while others think pubic hair is the stuff of fluffy awesome and would prefer it be there. But for most people who are partnered with people they love, really like, or are at least seriously into, what they usually prefer is just that that partner looks exactly the way they the partner, not them likes to.. wolf dildo

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One other person was injured in the shooting, but survived. History, after the rampage that killed 32 students at the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg wolf dildos, Va. It happened in a country that had grown darkly accustomed to public shootings: just five months before, another gunman had killed 12 in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. wolf dildos, in July..

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Now if Carl was alive, I would not want him taking on the

Tao virgins, we seek guidance from a cheerleading server. (The room is so dark, more than a few diners use their phones as flashlights.) Peking duck: „Best duck in town, hands down!” she says. Chilean sea bass: „Our No. After watching his interviews, I suspect after he is seen and heard on the National stage of Debates, America will fall in love with him, you will see why after watching sime interviews. Not great, but not bad. It was filled with a lot of platitudes and tried and true concepts, but it was okay.

Canada Goose online If you do this, they absolutely will require you to do things in a specific way inside your house. If the walls are plaster, they should be repaired with plaster. If there are old windows, they must be repaired, not just thrown away etc. The first and last 20 minutes of the day are reserved for Fast ForWord, a computerized language and reading program that includes memory and listening exercises. The school also has students gather in small groups to learn about decision making and cooperation. Intensive one on one sessions in math and reading are available. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets Hope to hear plenty of Loon calls!! 1 point submitted 6 days agoYeah it would be a great way to weed out the deadbeat owners. Or the clubs that are unfortunately stuck in MLS 1.0, mostly of no fault of their own, more due to the time period when they were founded. Those clubs would be then forced to play against competition more in line with them and maybe reinvent themselves before coming back to MLS.It would also keep clubs from calling dibs on an MLS spot by virtue of spending a ton of money, but canada goose outlet not by merit of having a good enough team to compete (MNUFC).I sure it would come with tons of problems too, but it interesting to think about. Canada Goose Jackets

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(Mike Zartler/CBC)Melnychuk says he hasn’t heard from Kunitz

greater western sydney v sydney

If you go on to the IRFU’s website and look up the British Irish Lions’ fixtures in coming weeks and the Ireland team’s games in November, you’ll get a little surprise. Punctuating the Lions’ midweek games, and sandwiched between Ireland’s matches against Samoa and New Zealand, is a national team that no longer wears its name with pride. It adopts it as a contractual obligation. „I think it is very important to put a visual with what the concept is,” Feigin said. „This is the beginning of making this real in a way. We had great support from Madison, great support from the county and great support from the city.

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That all being said, I am still very confident that we can win the series. I think Lyon is a better spinner than Hauritz, (you may not rate him, but I do), Clarke handles spinners as captain, much better than Punter did (post Warne). I think we are more experienced in India than in previous years. What? You’ve never even heard of Lingner? Doesn’t matter. Adam is as real a Bill as is Thurman, Jim or Bruce. If they get a Super Bowl ring, then he gets a Super Bowl ring. Would you like your daughters go to that right. They make good myself I was. You know.

The was basically created so the local government could keep all of its prostitutes in one clean, easy to track place. Women are rented rooms for 180 euros a day which includes meals and a German booty tax. One floor is for low cost fun, another is for transsexuals and we assume one is for shizer video production.. 7. Angel Morales OF The Twins drafted Morales in the 3rd round in the 2007 draft out of high school in Puerto Rico, and he is still just 21 years old. Last year between Beloit and Ft.

Chicago Bear fans are being mercilessly crucified today for our criticism of Cutler. We’re being portrayed as an angry lynch mob, burning jerseys and calling for our Quarterbacks release. I agree that some fans are reacting to this incident inappropriately, as are some other players in the league. Portable generators can allow a person to manifest energy when main power sources are either down and having issues, or are unavailable altogether. If you thought that was good enough, portable generators also allow you to have this alternate energy that you can move from place to place if necessary, which can be yet another huge advantage for anyone that is thinking of buying one of these generators. If you think back to all of the times where you could have used a portable generator, for instance when there was a storm or some weather condition that was going on and it effected the neighborhood power, or when you didn’t have any access to the power that you needed.

„Everyone was going gaga over them. My farmers were trying to grow them, and we’d walk out in the field and just see horticultural garbage,” said Mr. Who works with about 800 growers around the state. Former major leaguer Winston Abreu then came on for what turned out to be a nervous ninth. He gave up a one out solo home run to Nate Hanson, then walked the next batter to put the tying run at the plate. But Abreu got a pair of strikeouts to end the game and trigger an on field celebration for Winnipeg while dejected Saints players and fans looked on..

Both goalies played well, with making 23 saves for the Police Department and Messing making 14 saves for the Fire Department. Parisi withstood a heavy barrage late as the Fire Department pressed in an effort to net the equalizer. Messing made an acrobatic save early in the second period, diving across his crease to deflect away a shot by Connors.. It was the summer of 1988 and John had invited Oakley Vault Frannie and me to stay at the family compound in Hyannis Port, on Cape Cod. The family was getting ready to play one of their famously competitive touch football games. The whole gang was there, with most of the players piling out of Robert F.

When I was 13, a rider landed on top of me while jumping a dune in Dumont on Thanksgiving Day. My best friend and I were out riding around in the smaller area of Dumont known as the Little Dunes. She always made me lead because she has no sense of direction and is scared of coming over the tops of dunes, not knowing what will be on the other side. This is a football league which consists of 32 teams which is evenly separated in two big forms which is National football Conference and American football conference. The history of the National Football League starts from United States of America to develop good players from it. National Football league is one of the foremost qualified sports league in North America.

The cannonball act is deceptively simple: a cannon large enough to fit a human inside its bore „shoots” an acrobat high into the air, and she lands in a net or an airbag. The mechanics of the cannon are a closely guarded secret, but it works with a combination of hydraulics and air pressure there’s no gunpowder. The only explosion comes from some fireworks lit for show.. With safety in mind wholesale jerseys, Pop Warner football uses a strict age and weight matrix that ensures that kids are only competing with other kids of similar age and size. Pop Warner football players receive extensive coaching and training, and are engaged in experiences that help build leadership skills, teamwork and discipline. While there are no tryouts for Pop Warner football, participants are required to exhibit and maintain adequate academic success in order to play..

The lineup the sixth seeded Bucks sent out for the opening tip had started a total of 18 playoff games in their careers before Thursday night. The Raptors who returned from last season’s squad each played 20 games in the 2016 playoffs alone. It made no difference. Vitamin B12 is relatively safe, even at high doses of up to 1,000 mcg. While consuming 1,000 mcg of B12 from supplements or from your diet may not pose a health threat, you can only absorb about 10 mcg per day, explains the Linus Pauling Institute. Toxicity risk of B12 is low since your body absorbs such a small amount, excreting any excess..

Has got us I like debts of the Hughes is planning ahead to spend a piece of the number 99 like you I was. Most feared rusher in my league this year twosome since you my autograph game jerseys so when an an and famous NFL player you’ll have a. From in the deaths of the chemical did days we’ll be sitting on popular after the ticket likens him 17 years old and like big kids. Were wounded people, blood everywhere. The whole restaurant was in pieces. It was difficult to help, says Lercher, because it was rumored that a second bomb was placed in a car nearby.

The result was Jersey’s 28th consecutive victory of a season which also saw them earn the league title.The game was scoreless until 23 minutes when Elphinston’s try put Jersey ahead, but Ampthill quickly brought the scores level through a Ben Brierly touchdown.A penalty from Dan Hawkes put Jersey back in front, to give them an 8 5 half time lead.Dawson’s score came after a fluid Jersey move, before another Hawkes penalty and an intercepted try from Maggs made sure of the Jersey win, despite Ampthill’s late penalty try.Opening try scorer Elphinston told BBC Jersey: „An Aussie scoring a try at Twickenham? It can’t get better than that.”Head coach Ben Harvey echoed those sentiments, suggesting that the result was the culmination of many months of hard work by the club.”To win a cup final at Twickenham, I’m so proud of the lads,” he told BBC Jersey. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled.

TG311 obliged. The approach into Kathmandu has a very high descent profile, which has to be performed very accurately with the combination of right speed and descent rate. Without flaps, they could not decrease their speed and reduce the altitude. The different stripe orientations can perhaps be traced back to heraldic symbolism. The fess, or horizontal band, was the most common ordinary (ie basic geometrical figure) in medieval coats of arms. In contrast, the pale, or vertical band, was relatively rare: it had a pejorative significance in medieval literature, where it often suggested the bearer’s bastardy.

The vast majority of the stages of the Tour are long road races, but there are also two or three time trials. Often called the race of truth (‚you can’t hide from the clock’), they see the riders set off at regular intervals, racing alone against time along a shorter course than normal stages. The time they take on the course is then simply added to their overall time. Having live performance is much better than playing blasting loud music CDs that would definitely interfere with the event. Live piano music sounds better with the soulful melodies touching the hearts of the guests. This is actually perfect for top notch corporate parties..

Bob Mallamo looks into the visitors’ locker room as the Broncos equipment personnel bring in gear. Mallamo has been the 49ers equipment manager for decades at Candelstick Park and will follow the team to Santa Clara when the new stadium opens in 2014. At Candlestick Park in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, August 7, 2013, Mallamo was coordinating the team’s final season at The ‚Stick by watching over the arrival of the team’s equipment for the 49ers preseason game against the Broncos, . My first „fall in love with a painting” came at a young age. My mother and I were shopping for a painting for my Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Fred’s wedding anniversary. This was in the 1960s when huge art warehouses were popular in New Jersey where we lived.

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2. Second Home Loans and HELOC not backed by home improvement receipts and credit card debt should be treated equally under the same new policy. There is no difference between the debt if a homeowner refinanced to pay off credit card debt or if a renter / homeowner did not or have the option.. The economy of the islands is dominated by financial services, tourism, electronic commerce and agriculture. The relatively light tax burden has encouraged a booming offshore finance sector. Pressure from the European Union and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development is obliging the islands to change their taxation systems for the sake of compliance, as with other offshore centres..

NEW YORK, Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ National Association for Multi ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) today announced the winners of its Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA). Presented in conjunction with the Annual NAMIC Conference, the competition recognizes excellence in marketing efforts designed to attract and retain culturally diverse audiences and customers among African American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQ and other market segments. 39s for warmup?The video montage was dull. Seemed like pretty much the same one we got last season when Hasek was inducted into the Sabres Hall. If the Sabres idea of snazzy presentation was painting „39” on the ice and putting a patch on the jerseys, their staff has clearly watched no ceremonies from other teams inside or outside the NHL at all.In game arena hostLauren Hall couldn’t even pronounce the guest of honor’s name right until someone clearly got to her in the second period to change the „Haa sick” to „Haa shick.” Come on.

That’s it! You’ve made pajama pants. And you didn’t spend a fortune on them. Now you’re free to lounge about your house or slip on a t shirt and flip flops and head to the coffee shop for a latte where older women can tut tut about how horrible it is to be seen in pajamas in public. We bought these guys sticks and most of the equipment. When it came to sticks, he had to be nice to the trainer.”Pittsburgh Penguins Chris Kunitz toured with the Stanley Cup in Regina last year. (Mike Zartler/CBC)Melnychuk says he hasn’t heard from Kunitz in three to four years, though the NHLer did invite Melnychuk and his wife to a Regina barbecue Kunitz held after his team at the time, the Anaheim Ducks, won the Stanley Cup in 2007..

She did not have long to wait. Her embattled father, taking the lead in battle as many of his noble contemporaries did then, was fatally wounded and died on November 6, 1632. Christina unbalanced mother lost her grip on reality completely wholesale nfl jerseys, and she retreated into a dark world of endless grieving. You should see it start to suck syrup and send it to the fountain. When you see that the 1/4″ feed line to the fountain coming from the pump is full of syrup, have your helper stop vending soda. (It helps to have a bucket nearby that they can dump the glasses into).

The idea is to get kids more aware of how important eating a balanced diet really is and how it can affect their overall health and lives in general. Hopefully it will continue to benefit them through the PEP activities and we can see positive reinforcement from our teachers and possibly parents at home. Ideally we want the students to have a good grasp on the health concepts presented during the PEP Grant period. The body burns simple carbohydrates first for fuel before ever getting close to burning stored fat. Fructose metabolizes slower because the liver converts it to glycogen prior to glucose.Sugar from vegetables and grains is a complex carbohydrate and burns more slowly than the simple carbohydrate. Although it burns more slowly, in excess complex carbohydrates will also cause fat gain.